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Kenneth Cole Black Gift Set for Men by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole
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  • Launched in 2003 by the design house of Kenneth Cole, Black is a celebration of the allure of the timeless color, black. Deep, dark and outright sexy, the perfume is a targeted charmer with an undeniable pull. It blends scents from exotic spices, invigorating herbs, and carnal woods, in one masculine fragrance that is not just sexy, but also pleasant, elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for casual use and date nights, Black is an absolute classic!

    Gift Set includes: 3.4 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.4 oz. After Shave Balm and Deodorant.

    • Top Notes: Fresh Ginger, Basil, Zesty Mandarin Orange and Water Mint.
    • Middle Notes: Incense Smoke, Nutmeg, Lotus, Cedar Leaf and Exotic Woods.
    • Base Notes: Musk, Ambergris, Suede and Dark Violet Leaf.
    About the Brand
    Kenneth Cole ventured into the fashion industry in the 1980s by designing women's shoes. Labeled as Prada, but at a much affordable price, Cole soon spread his offerings to women's apparel, jewelry, accessories as well as menswear under his brand, Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. It is also believed that Kenneth Cole is the one who introduced a whole new generation to chic styles and simple designs like slick loafers and three-button suits. In fact, Kenneth Cole is given all he credit for making casual Fridays a popular office trend. Kenneth Cole is not just know for his success story though, he also strongly believes in charity and is an activist too.