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273 Eau de Parfum Spray for Women by Fred Hayman

273 Eau de Parfum Spray for Women by Fred Hayman

Fred Hayman
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With delicate floral notes and lush fruity notes, Fred Hayman̻s 273 is the perfect scent for a woman on the move. Transitioning easy from the day to well into the night, the scent remains refreshingly feminine and delicate. The fruit notes add a sweetness to the scent that is evocative of sensual innocence.

  • The top notes are tuberose, plum, peach, jasmine, and gardenia.
  • The middle notes are apricot, orris root, and ylang-ylang.
  • The base notes are spices, sandalwood, cedar, amber, and vetiver.
About the Brand
The Fred Hayman has been fondly referred to as Mr.Rodeo Drive and Mr.Beverly Hills, after becoming the very first to turn the destination into a luxury shopping spot with his one-of-a-kind boutique. When Fred launched his fragrance label Giorgio Beverly Hills during the mid-80s, it soon struck a chord with Hollywood’s who’s-who. Within a couple of years’ time, he sold the label name and started the namesake brand. In the following years, Fred Hayman dabbled with many fragrance launches from floral to woody scents, capturing the uptown culture in some and showing his admiration for Rodeo Drive in another. While Fred Hayman moved away from the retail scene by the late-90s, his fragrances continue to live on.