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Boucheron Eau de Parfum Spray for Men by Boucheron

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  • Created by the state of the art perfumers at Boucheron back in 1988, the Boucheron EDP embodies the splendor of feminine grace and profundity. Opening up with crisp top notes of warm citruses, the Boucheron gradually gives way to dreamy middle notes of white flowers and finally fades away into the deep and luscious base notes of sandalwood and amber.


    • Top Notes are Cassia, Asafoetida, Tangerine, Tagetes, Apricot, Basil, Orange, Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Lemon
    • Middle Notes are Jasmine, Lily of the Valley,Tuberose, Cedar, Madagascar Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom, Geranium, Orris Root, Narcissus, Lydia Broom
    • Base Notes are Amber, Sandalwood, Indian Vanilla, Civet, Amber, Oakmoss, Musk, tonka Bean, Benzoin
    About the Brand
    Boucheron, a jewelry brand, was established in 1858 by Frederick Boucheron in Paris, France. The first boutique was in the Galerie de Valois, which used to be the center of luxury trade in the city. The brand soon became known for its resplendent, unique and intricately designed jewelry. Many of the designs were inspired and based on animals, which was a favorite theme for Boucheron. In 1947, the brand designed its first wrist watch, followed by fragrances in 1988. Every product by the brand is known for quality and attention to detail. The snake is a symbol that is synonymous with designs by the brand.