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Creating Your Collection: 3 Types of Fragrances that are a Must Have!

Creating Your Collection: 3 Types of Fragrances that are a Must Have!

Starting a fragrance collection can be highly addictive. Once you enter the world of fragrance, you realize that there are infinitely many scent categories, and making a decision can become that much more difficult. In order to help organize your collection, and create a simpler shopping experience, we have come up with a list of the three most important fragrance types that should be a part of your growing collection. If you are interested in learning how to strategically plan your fragrance collection, read on!

1. Everyday Fragrance

Above all others, your everyday wear fragrance will be the most important piece of your collection. If you can only choose one fragrance, this is where you start. Now, you may be asking yourself, “what makes a good everyday fragrance?” While there are no “laws” regarding which scents can and cannot be worn on a daily basis, there are a couple of guidelines that will help you when searching for your signature scent. The biggest rule of thumb is to select a fragrance that fits your personality while releasing a light scent. Be warned, never select an overpowering scent; no matter how good the smell is at first, you, and everyone you know, will be much more likely to grow tired of an ever-present powerful fragrance.

2. Night Out Fragrance

If you do find a strong scent that suits your fancy, don’t put it away just yet! While it may not make the best everyday scent, it will make an excellent addition to your “night out” collection. This category of fragrance is meant to be stronger than what you might wear on the average day. Often times they are worn to attract the opposite sex. They are meant to give you a confidence boost while enticing others. These scents are best worn on dates, evening social events, and nights out with friends.

3. Special Occasion Fragrance

Slightly different from the Night Out fragrance, is the Special Occasion Fragrance, the main differentiating factor between these two types is the time of day that these two fragrance are typically worn. As its name suggests, a Night Out scent is meant to be worn in the evening. On the other hand, a special occasion fragrance would be more suitable for family gatherings, weddings, and any other special event. Because fragrances are meant to help you recall memories, this is the fragrance that you will associate with important events throughout your life.


Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, visit The Fragrance Market online to start building the perfect collection!

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