Why are Fragrance Commercials so Strange?

Have you ever wondered why some perfume commercials are, well, a little odd? From Calvin Klein’s famous Obsession ads to Chanel's long history with No. 5 ads, the fragrance industry has gained a reputation for producing strange commercials.

Often extremely elaborate, some fragrance ads even seem as though they have little to do with representing the actual product. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Although fragrance advertisements can seem a little strange, they are actually proven to be quite effective. If you are curious about the reasoning behind these commercials, you’re in luck!

Today, we will be discussing a few reasons fragrance houses have chosen to utilize the iconic ad style that consumers have grown to expect, and love.

They Keep the Product on Your Mind

Let’s be honest, which ad is a person more likely to remember: one where a no-name actor simply states the product name, or one that includes a sort of short film with famous actors. Of course the latter is going to make a much bigger impact.

When consumers can associate a fragrance with a celebrity, they have an additional point of reference that they wouldn’t have had with an unknown actor. Inquisitive fragrance seekers can then do an online search for the fragrance that a specific celebrity promotes. In addition, that bizarre short film is going to be much more likely to stick out in a consumer’s mind.

Consumers see hundreds of ads a week, and each product is attempting to make a solid impression. If a fragrance ad seems slightly odd, this is good. Strange is memorable! Fragrance houses know that if they can create a memorable ad, they will be able to increase their revenue tenfold.

They Appeal to a Wide Audience.

The topics covered in fragrance commercials are often very similar: luxury, sensuality, opulence, etc. The reason these topics have been repeatedly recycled over the years, is that they project the goals of a wide audience.

Most, if not all, people have a desire to live in the lap of luxury, and when a person sees a fragrance commercial that associates a perfume with a luxurious lifestyle, they begin to equate the two. Consumers will internalize the idea that purchasing a particular fragrance will help them to achieve their goals, and maybe even smell like your favorite celebrity! 


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