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Arpege by Lanvin for Women -  EDP Spray  image

Arpege by Lanvin for Women - EDP Spray

Arpege by Lanvin for Women - EDP Spray

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This Perfume has a blend of high powdery floral notes combining honeysuckle jasmine roses and orange blossoms a rich combination with lower accents of vanilla and sandalwood.

About the Brand
Lanvin is known as a high-end, luxury fashion house today, but it was founded in 1889 as a small boutique by a lady called Jeanne Lanvin. Jeanne’s daughter, Marguerite became a beautiful inspiration for her to design dresses. She made dresses for Marguerite as well as her dolls. It was in 1924 that Jeanne Lanvin decided to launch her range of perfumes in the attempt to create global dynamics. She considered it an important part of her conceptualization of fashion and lifestyle. My Sin was the first perfume launched by Lanvin and was formulated by a Russian lady called Mary Zede.