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Crisp Pear Hand Cream by Dionis

Crisp Pear Hand Cream by Dionis

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The Crisp Pear Hand Cream is a creation of the Dionis designer house. The hand cream deeply nourishes your hands with its easily absorbable formula, with goat milk as the hero. The goat milk ingredient is known for its superior hydrating properties. The vitamin D and A ingredients nourish your skin, so it stays young and beautiful. Suited for men and women.

  • A blend of sweet crisp pear and sugar
About the Brand
Dionis is a premium personal care brand that was founded in Virginia, nearly 30 years ago. The brand has various products that use goat milk with a range of other quality ingredients to pamper the skin. The unparalleled nourishing effects of goat milk have made it a vital ingredient in most of the formulations of the brand. The vitamin A and D rich formulation helps restore the skin to its natural form, while they can be used by almost anyone due to their anti-allergic attributes. Dionis’ offerings include hand & body care products, bath & shower products, lips & face products and fragrance collections.