Why Can’t You Smell Your Cologne?

Why Can’t You Smell Your Cologne?

So, you’ve applied your favorite cologne as normal, but for some reason, you quickly realize: I can’t smell my cologne! There’s nothing diluting it, and you’ve used the same application process as always, but that luxurious scent just isn’t there.

Of course, this raises a few questions. Why is my cologne not smelling? Does cologne lose its scent, or is there something wrong with my sense of smell? Is there something I can do to make my cologne smell stronger? We’ll answer all your burning questions, and give you advice on how to solve the problem

Poor Storage Conditions

Believe it or not, how you store your cologne can influence its strength. Cologne is best stored in a place that is cool, dark, and dry, such as a closet or cabinet. Sure, that bottle of cologne might look good on your bathroom counter, but the light, heat, and humidity will cause it to expire much sooner than if it was properly stored.

Application Conditions

Applying cologne isn’t as simple as a few spritzes here and there. For example, dry skin won’t lock in fragrances well, causing them to smell weaker and disperse faster. 

Due to this, the best time to apply fragrance is right out of the shower. The warm water will both moisturize your skin and open your pores, allowing the fragrance to settle in once your pores have closed.  

In addition, consider where you’re applying your cologne. Body heat essentially activates fragrances, making their scent much more prominent. Because of this, the best application spots are high-heat areas known as pulse points. Commonly used pulse points include the neck, chest, and armpits.

Does Cologne Smell Different on Everyone?

Though the overall scent profile will be similar, a cologne’s effectiveness can be heavily influenced by the wearer’s body chemistry. Each and every person’s skin has a unique composition, so, unfortunately, not everyone can wear certain scents. 

If you’ve tried everything else without results, chances are, it’s just an issue of incompatible body chemistry. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to get around it, so you may want to consider looking for a new cologne.

However, there’s no need to worry! With so many luxury fragrances on the market, you’re sure to find one that fits you perfectly. Of course, our team at Fragrance Market is here to help as well. We’ve committed to delivering only the best in both fragrance and fragrance advice, so feel free to check out our shop or our blog to get the most out of your cologne!


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