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Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam by Bliss 5.0 oz.

Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam by Bliss

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  • Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Liquid-to Foam Cleanser not only rids your skin from the damaging effects of makeup and impurities but it detoxifies your skin by injecting oxygen and super-powered Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to create a gentle texture with a bright, radiant complexion. It also infuses peptides, amino acids and minerals to nourish your skin and promotes collagen building and stops inflammation and discoloration. Take three small measures into your palm, massage well into your face and rinse thoroughly. Start using every day for best results.


    About the Brand
    Bliss started off as a spa and after years of experience transitioned into a beauty and lifestyle brand as well. The company believes in making all their customers feel healthy, happy an beautiful. They have numerous high profile spas around the world and offer beauty products both on site and online. Their products range from skin care essentials like moisturizers and lotions to hair care necessities like shampoos and conditioners. Additionally, they also offer makeup essentials including brushes and makeup removers. Bliss has products for every part of your body including your nails. Their spas can take complete care of you and leave you feeling utterly blissful.