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Soap on a Rope Eucalyptus and Verbena by The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving
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  • Soap on a Rope developed by the famous maker of men’s personal grooming and hygiene products The Art of Shaving, is an aromatic, moisturizing bathing bar that contains essential oils like coconut oil, eucalyptus oil and palm oil and other key ingredients like glycerin and tocopheryl acetate which keep your skin hydrated and supple. It is free from synthetic dyes that damage the natural, soft skin. Apply it liberally to your body and allow it to stand a few moments before washing off with water


    About the Brand
    Founded in 1996, The Art of Shaving aims to provide the prefect shave. The company provides a range of aroma-therapeutic products for shaving and skin care. Their products are suitable for both men and women. Their range of products include different types of razors, brushes and grooming products like shaving creams, after shave and post-shave skin care essentials. All their products are of the highest quality and to make things more fun, they even offer seasonally themed shaving kits and gift sets. The Art of Shaving blog helps readers get the perfect shave along with tips and facts.