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Renewed Hope in a Jar by Philosophy

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  • Renowned Hope in a Jar is an improved version of the original Hope in a Jar which enjoyed much fanfare. This product has lots of antioxidants, and AHAs like mandelic acid, citric acid, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid, that promotes exfoliation and seeps into the lower layers of your cutaneous tissue to keep your skin healthy and hydrated for long periods. It is free from skin-damaging compounds like sulphates, parabens and lavender oil. So, it is free from all side effects.


    About the Brand
    Philosophy is a cosmetic brand which was founded by Cristina Carlino in the year 1996. The brand is known for its skincare, body care, and fragrances. Philosophy uses innovative technology to bring to its consumers beauty products of high quality. “Hope in a Jar” is a face cream by Philosophy and its bestselling product. It has been scientifically proven that the cream works wonders in reducing lines and wrinkles on the skin. Their scented bath products are also well-known in the market. Philosophy’s fragrance lines consist of men’s, women’s and some unisex perfumes.