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New York Amber Eau de Parfum Spray for Women by Bond No.9

New York Amber Eau de Parfum Spray for Women by Bond No.9

Bond No.9
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New York Amber by Bond No 9 is among the smoothest and most well-balanced fragrances to wear. It has a casual, relaxed appeal and is suitable for wearing in evening and night time. The fragrance is known for its long-lasting character and will continue to stay on you a hours together.

  • Notes are musk, osmanthus, sandalwood, jasmine, amber, nutmeg, saffron, benzoin, bergamot, rose, myrhh, pepper and agarwood (oud)
About the Brand
A first among fragrance brands that are solely dedicated to New York, Bond No.9 was launched by Laurice Rahme in 2003. The design label has unveiled nearly 60 different fragrances that capture New York's different joints and neighborhoods from Manhattan to Central Park. Another thing that sets Bond No.9 apart is its unique offering of customized fragrances, wherein customers get to concoct their own perfume recipes with the assistance of the in-house Bond Perfumistas. Drawing inspiration from popular American artists like Andy Warhol to New York's bustling landmarks Bond No.9 uses unique concoctions and vibrant packaging to create fragrances that appeal to men and women.