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Gentleman's Shaving Collection Gift Set for Men by Schulz & Malley

Schulz & Malley
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  • The Gentleman’s grooming kit includes a cleansing face wash, shave cream, pre-shave oil and aftershave balm. These products are made with very gentle ingredients and are guaranteed to leave your face feeling fresh, soft and smooth. They are especially beneficial for those with sensitive facial skin prone to irritation.

    Gift Set includes: 3.4 oz. After Shave Balm, 6.0 oz. Cleasning Face Wash, 8.0 oz. Shower Gel and 1.0 oz. Shaving Oil 

    About the Brand
    Schulz & Malley Trading Company has a unique story behind it. It was actually a dive bar in which the company was born while its founders were having a couple of beers in the downtown area of Manhattan. The owners, Collin and Matt, love creating products which aren’t just superior but can be used on a daily basis. The Schulz & Malley Trading Company is involved in making high-quality grooming products for men. These include cleansing face wash, pre-shave oil, brushless shave cream, aftershave balm and a set of all these products. They are targeted at sophisticated, urban men, who like taking care of themselves.