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Eau So Sexy Eau de Parfum Spray for Women by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret
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This sugary sweet scent by Victoria’s Secret is perfect for all seasons and is long-lasting. With apple, whipped cream and bergamot as it’s only notes, it is an unique scent. Refreshing in the summer but warm in the winter, this scent is comforting in all seasons. Moreover, it is perfect for women of every age.

  • Top Notes are Bergamot
  • Middle Notes are Apple
  • Base Notes are Whipped Cream
About the Brand
World renowned American fashion house for cosmetic products, lingerie and women's accessories, Victoria's Secret was started by Roy Raymond and his wife in San Francisco in 1977. It was originally aimed at making men more comfortable with shopping for lingerie, and it now has an international presence as a luxury brand of ladies' undergarments. Victoria's Secret ventured into the perfume world in 1989 with their first perfume “Victoria”. The brand now offers a wide range of perfumed body care products and fragrances that are themed around their existing clothing lines.