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Dead Sea Minerals Hand and Foot Cream Set by Ahava

Dead Sea Minerals Hand and Foot Cream Set by Ahava

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The Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream containing witch hazel extracts is especially formulated for softening the rough and dry skin on your hands. You can use it several times a day, particularly after washing hands. The Dead Sea Minerals Foot Cream is powered by natural plant extract and the Ahava Osmoter™ and works to effectively moisturize the rough and dry skin on your feet, leaving it absolutely soft and hydrated.

Includes hand cream and foot cream, 3.4 oz. each.

About the Brand
Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories was founded in 1988 and was focused on the beauty benefits of minerals in the Dead Sea. They have since released numerous skin care and beauty products that have ground-breaking and unique ingredients. Ahava went global in 1992 and haven’t looked back since. They have multiple concept stores all over the world and offer their products online as well. Since 2008, Ahava products have been on Sephora shelves, expanding their global reach further. Currently, they are regarded as one of the top skin care brands in the world.