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Cars Gift Set for Boys by Disney

Cars Gift Set for Boys by Disney

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Children all over the world love Disney as well as their Cars franchise. This official Cars branded parfum makes for the perfect gift for a little boy for any occasion. This eau de toilette comes in a a size of 3.4 oz and is a great addition to any child's Cars collection. It makes perfect sense as a gift because it can be worn anywhere and is great for all occasions as it has a scent of sweet flowers as well as a hint of citrus added to the mix. The scent is mild and not overpowering at all.

About the Brand
Started by Walt and Roy Disney in 1923, Disney started off as a small time animation studio before conquering the industry and becoming a household name thanks to its characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Disney has now expanded to create its own TV channels, live action films and theme parks. Now, they are known for numerous famous characters from different films and TV shows across various channels. Disney is the second largest broadcast and cable company in the world, based on revenue. It is most popular among kids and so, their products are aimed at them. They produce a variety of products like clothing, footwear, accessories, bags, hats and so on.