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Brilliant Glossing Conditioner by Fekkai

Brilliant Glossing Conditioner by Fekkai

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  • Like its shampoo counterpart, the conditioner works brilliantly to restore the luster in your dull and lifeless locks. This iconic shine conditioner from Fekkai gives you a chance to flaunt shiny and glossy hair every single day. It is formulated with sun-ripened olive oil and can be used daily to nourish your tresses. Apply the conditioner towards the ends of your hair strands and avoid the scalp area. You will be left with soft and luscious hair that smells like fresh flowers!


    About the Brand
    Frederic Fekkai, a Paris-trained, hairstylist opens his first hair salon in New York. The year is 1989 and the opening of his salon turns the world of hair care upside down. Since then, Fekkai has become a luxury brand that many of the world’s elite flock to. With salons in the most famous cities across the world, Fekkai is known for their ability to transform everyone that takes a seat in their salons. Their unique, luxury hair care products are no different. From shampoos to hair mists and rejuvenating serums, Fekkai products have earned the reputation of being the best in the world.